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AwwSoCute Adult Diapers

AwwSoCute are marketed as a "Playful Diaper" mainly for adults who choose to wear them for personal comfort or age-play. But these are serious diapers, and we spotlight them for one important reason:

There are millions of special needs kids and young adults who NEED diapers, but getting them to wear them can be a daily struggle. These colorful, fun diapers make it easier to get a teen or young adult into the protection they need by doing away with the cold hospital-look of most diapers and replacing it with a hip fashionable design that makes it clear that diapers can be fun to wear.

AwwsoCute feature four strong tape tabs (two per side) that fasten to a refastenable landing zone to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The rounded hourglass design offers wetness  protection for boys and girls, as well as protection in the back against messy accidents. Elastic leg guards help prevent leaks, and the classic plastic backing is soft, comfortable and provides maximum protection.
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