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Incontinence Information Blog

Articles, news and product information on the topics of incontinence and bedwetting. Learn about new products and get tips and advice on living with incontinence.
New GoodNites Tru-Fit Pad and Pant System
April 24, 2014

Photos and a review of the new washable pant for bedwetting.

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Underwear Alerts Incontinence Sufferers to Pad Leaks
August 29, 2013

A product known as Smart UnderWear, which is designed to alert patients to potential urinary pad leaks, appears to perform well with good patient acceptability, according to results released at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the International Continence Society.

Adele Long, Senior Researcher in Urology, and Marcus Drake, MD, Consultant Urologist with the Bristol Urological Institute in Bristol, UK, presented findings from 56 middle-aged women who routinely wore pads for urinary incontinence.

The analysis showed that the Smart UnderWear was effective at signaling patients to pad leakage events 87% of the time. In addition, 85% of patients were alerted in time to change their pad before leakage to outside clothing or furnishings.

In 59% of pad leaks, study participants reported that they were not otherwise aware of leakage.

More than 90% of patients said that the use of the product would enhance their confidence about avoiding pad leaks that might occur when they experience urgency with incontinence and/or are unable to access a toilet or when they inadvertently displace the pad during physical activity.

Subjects were recruited from outpatient clinics and the community via patient support networks.

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Modern Aging: Tips for choosing the right incontinence product
August 26, 2013

As you start considering the different types of incontinence products and determining what might be most helpful to your loved one, keep in mind that many people benefit from more than just one product to accommodate different needs they have during the day. Plan to try several types, styles and brands to find the right fit.

This checklist can help you determine which product might work best for your loved one:

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A Bedwetting Teen Back In Diapers Could Be A Serious Medical Problem
August 4, 2013

A bedwetting teen back in diapers is a stressful situation both for the teen and the parents. Even if you are concerned, you should never let your fears transfer to the child. However, you should try to be as sensitive as possible because any teen that has to wear diapers for a bedwetting problem does not feel very good about the situation.

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What Foods Can Trigger Bed Wetting?
August 1, 2013

Bedwetting is an occurrence that is embarrassing, awkward, and disturbing for both parents and children. This is a condition that mostly affects kids in the five-years-old range, but can also strike children as old as fifteen. When properly handled, bedwetting can be treated without future incident. There is no single cause leading to bedwetting, but there are many different factors that contribute to the act, including excessive drinking right before bedtime or a bladder infection.

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