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Medline Bariatric Control Pads - Pant-liner style

Bought a bag of Bariatric Control Pads from Bright medical as I've been looking for a beltless undergarment to replace the discontinued Secure ones I was buying for daytime wear. I like beltless liners as they slip inside any regular underwear, and are easy to swap out in public restrooms or when in a hurry. Most of the liners on the market aren't wide enough in the crotch to be comfortable and provide enough protection for me to feel confident wearing them. I thought the Bariatric ones would be larger... and they are!

First thing you'll notice is a bag of 12 pads is the same size as a bag of Bambino diapers! These are big, thick pads with a nice hourglass padding mat. They are wider in the crotch and also very long. In my underwear (2XL NiceDiaper Trainer) it runs from waistband to waist band, with an extra two inches sticking out the back. I used those extra inches to fold down the front pf the pad to prevent wetness reaching the waist of the cotton pant and wicking outward, and I have a nice, comfortable padded feeling. Like the security of a full diaper with the breathe-ability of my underwear. I like them!

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