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Star Diapers by
A star diapers review

Star Diapers are a brave new entry into the youth incontinence market. A diaper made especially for older children who need protection that sets out to be a fun and positive way to manage bedwetting and daytime incontinence in children.

Other companies make boring white 'briefs" and go to great lengths to pretend they are just like underwear. Kids know better. So Star Diapers treat the matter honestly" It's a diaper... but not a diaper for babies! This form-fitting garment is designed for growing kids to be comfortable and discreet, while providing top-of-the-line protection to give kids the confidence to be themselves without fear of wetting accidents.

The super-cool blue and white design features action-sport images of skate-boarders and BMX riders, as well as Stars and race tracks. A clear front panel holds the tape-tabs firm, while allowing them to be adjusted for a custom fit.

 Inside, the absorbent core extends into the wings - or side - of the briefs, offering unmatched protection for side-sleepers, heavy wetters and active kids on the go. Standing leg gathers help prevent leaks, and provide maximum protection for urinary or bowel incontinence.

A great product that lets kids know that its okay to need a little help staying dry.

Available from:

star diapers for kids, teens and young adults. Sometimes called "pampers teen" these super absorbent teen diapers are made especially for active incontinent teens. Sold stardiapers teen diapers were designed for boys in diapers, but can be worn by teen girls in diapers or girls in goodnites alone or with youth plastic pants. More absorbent than GoodNites or pampers underjams these youth diapers deliver protection kids can depend on.
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