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Waterproof Pants and Diaper Covers
Sometimes called plastic Pants or Rubber panties

Waterproof pants were once thought of for being for use over cloth diapers only. But these days, more and more adults with wetting issues are wearing them over pull-on pants or disposable diapers for extra protection. Additionally, plastic pants can help keep down the rustling sound of a disposable diaper, and prevent sagging and tearing of the diaper during strenuous activity.
FuuBuu PVC Waterproof Pants
Uniquely designed with an inner set of leakguards to add extra protection around the legs. Prevents press-out leaks from cloth, or adds another layer of protection to disposables.
Available From:

GaryWear Active Brief
     Designed to fit snugly over disposable diapers for an extra layer of protection around the clock. These have a much slimmer cut making them less bulky, more form fitting and discreet. Waterproof protection in a soft and light pant without eh plasticy feel of traditional diaper covers.

Available From:
Gary Adult Plastic Pants
     Provides that extra level of protection to help prevent embarrassing situations. Available in sizes for kids and adults and multiple colors. Listed as "leakmaster" pants by some vendors.
Available From:
Priva Waterproof Adult Vinyl Pants
     With comfortable elastic at the leg and waist to protect against leaks, these slip-on undergarments are comfortable, dependable and secure. Constructed from antibacterial materials for odor control and vinyl fabric stays soft after repeated machine washes.
Available From:

Salk Sani-pant ® Reusable Briefs
     Waterproof briefs for incontinence protection. Made of soft, white, plastic-coated nylon, making them the perfect cover-up for pads and diapers. Accommodate disposable or reusable pads and liners.

Available From:

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